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Karacadir Earth Builders  Andy Watson and Dorothy Gerhart have been teaching earthbag courses for seven years. Scott Howard has traveled the world teaching earthbag building in many different forms. does at least one earthbag workshop each summer in Poland. conduct regular workshops mostly in Kentucky.  Nader Khalili's earthbag works.

Jeffrey  Bousquet teaches through HomeGrownHideaways but also does earhtbag training independently.  Contact:

Shari is a physically fit female, Cal Earth trained. She is currently situated in southern BC, Canada, but has her own accommodation and mobility with a 30ft RV and Motorbike. She is willing to travel to a training or worksite. Contact Shari at:

JoyUs is in Costa Rica and has some earthbag building experience. He has seen the difficulty in disasters to get the right stuff to the right people, in the right time. He was in south India for the Tsunami and aftermath.  He would like to go to Haiti to do a hands on demonstration.
Contact:   www.

Kay Howe is associated with Kaki Hunter and Doni Kiffmeyer, authors of "Earthbag Building: the Tools, Tricks and Techniques." She is currently in the Bahamas and would go in a minute to assist in some earthbag projects. She thinks about the crisis in Haiti everyday and would love to actually do something. If anyone gets anything going she would love to help. Contact:

Barzakh Falah"Earthbag Buildings as part of a Sustianable Lifestyle for Developing Regions" (Geargeville, Cayo, Belize) comparison and advantages of earthbag building to other systems. Site management for efficiency and cost. Design considerations. A choice of materials. Hands on field work. The use of white boarding and full reviews of past work around the world. Programs runs concurrently through the year. Main structures covered are Domes (Max diameters, foundations, openings, ventilation, insulation, waterproofing). Rectilinear buildings (bond beams) Roofs (earthen, with recycled lumber for viga roof) . Earthbag cisterns(water harvesting). Rocket stove, Humanure composting with raised plant box vegetable planting.
Contact: Jaime or Nancy Marin 501-628-4498 or barzakhfalah at gmail dot com